Hairdressing Course- Create an Image Based on a Theme

The hairdressing course provided by the Galligan College is the City & Guilds Women’s Hairdressing. There are 11 units within the course.

Create an Image Based on a Theme within the Hair and Beauty Sector” is a creative unit. Within this unit the students are provided with a theme. The March 2021 hairdressing cohort had the theme of “the elements”. Below you can see their looks that represent fire, water and earth.

Firstly, the students are provided with the theme for their look. Secondly, they create a mood board to brain storm ideas. The purpose of the exercise is to be confident in creating a look that can match a theme for an event/ shoot or competition.

The September 2021 group were given “Festival Theme”. Each look was unique and fun.

The students worked hard to design their look with the mannequin head provided in their hair kit at the beginning of the year. After some time, models started appearing on Wednesday mornings for the students to practice their looks. On the 15th June the makeup artist Donna and photographer Scott arrived at the college to set up for the exciting photoshoot day.

Below are the final looks from each of the students from the September 2021 group.

The Hairdressing course at the Galligan College starts in March and September of every year.

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